About Us


Who is Schray Media?

Hello. My name is Gabriel Schray. I am the founder and owner of Schray Media. We help dozens of clients each year to achieve their branding and marketing goals. We can't wait to work with you.

Why Work With Us

Live video for event marketing has gone from a quick tactic to a way of life. We have the technology to share live video with anyone, at any time. But, due to this incredible level of access, brands now have to fight to cut through the noise. This means that the quality of your streams and video production must be excellent. We can make that happen. Whether we do it for you, or teach you how to get it done. It's our specialty.

We also offer cinematography services, brand building, marketing consulting, and much more. Just reach out to our team to get started accomplishing the goals of your brand in the digital realm.

Streaming Solutions

We are experts in live video production. With thousands of events sent to audiences worldwide, we get it done right.

Creative Work

Our creative works come in all shapes and sizes. From corporate overview videos, to branding and design, to photography.

Marketing Consulting

If you already have a marketing team, but you're looking for someone to help them start streaming, we do that.

What Do We Do

We spend the most time custom tailoring marketing plans and installing equipment for our clients to stream with.


We spend the least of our energy and time performing production services.


We spend a lot of time taking care of streaming for our clients and friends of Schray Media.


We spend the most time building plans for companies to use social media and live streaming.

Meet Our Team

There are many people who make the dreams of our clients a reality, but these are a few you should know.

Gabriel Schray

Video and Broadcast Expert

Hollie Smith

Photography and Design Expert