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Schray Media is a holding company for a transformational series of online media outlets who make quality sports broadcasts more accessible.

Schray Media, established in 2014, is headquartered in Southeast Tennessee and serves as a holding company for a collection of regional sports networks across the United States, focusing on the Southeast. Our mission is to provide dynamic and cost-effective streaming solutions that bridge the gap between premium and less desirable options. We specialize in streaming sports content and emphasize advertising through our networks which include the Southeast Sports Network, Midwest Sports Network, and several others, catering to a wide audience with a passion for local sports.

The Southeast Sports Network delivers compelling local sports content, focusing on teams and athletes from the Southeastern United States. It is renowned for its live broadcasts, in-depth analysis, and strong community engagement, making it a favorite among regional sports enthusiasts.

The Midwest Sports Network caters to a wide array of sports fans across the Midwest, offering coverage of local games, tournaments, and sports news. With its commitment to high-quality storytelling, it provides viewers with an immersive sports outlet, and budding journalists with a launch pad.

The Win Big Sports Network is dedicated to covering high-stakes competitions and major sporting events- attracting viewers who enjoy thrilling sports action, and sports betting. This network highlights athletes at the top of their game, and critical games, providing insightful commentary on sports biz.

The Southwest Sports Network specializes in showcasing sports activities and events from the southwestern U.S., with a focus on underrepresented sports. It supports local communities by promoting local sports and providing a platform for young athletes to gain exposure.

Broadcast and Digital Presence:

Schray Media operates a diverse array of media outlets including several regional sports networks such as the Southeast Sports Network and Midwest Sports Network, alongside digital only radio stations such as 105.3 Power Radio and 96.9 Fresh Air Radio. Our content is accessible on multiple platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Strimm, YouTube and more. Broadcasts and content are available live and free 24/7 on our network websites and selectively on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. In 2023, more than half of our broadcasts were also carried on terrestrial TV and radio stations in North Georgia, highlighting our extensive reach and popularity, particularly in the Southeastern United States.

Our primary audience on the Southeast Sports Network consists of sports enthusiasts aged 18-34, predominantly male, spread across the Southeastern United States. We have a large following in Chattanooga (metro area), as well as the entire region of Southeast Tennessee, and Northern Georgia. This group of followers and viewers is largely made up of college students and young professionals from upper-middle-class households, with annual incomes ranging from $75,000 to $100,000. Schray Media brands collectively average over 100,000 unique viewers per month, with a total average monthly watch time of over approximately 9,000 hours. On X (Twitter) we are popular with current student athletes, especially prep students, and coaches from various backgrounds and sports. 

Chosen as the top source for local sports information among viewers in the Southeastern United States- Schray Media dominates this niche market with extensive coverage that no other network matches.

As the premier provider of local sports content, we deliver more regional sports coverage than any other source in Southeast Tennessee and North Georgia.

Schools Covered: 97 (during the course of the 2023 prep and college athletics seasons)

Weekly Viewers: 28,786 (average Q1 of 2024)

Website Visitors: 250,000 (monthly average)

Hours Watched: 9,000+ (average Q1 of 2024)

Schray Media is playing a pivotal role as a key player in regional sports broadcasting, continuously attracting a robust and dedicated viewership across all platforms, all while covering teams who would not receive this level of coverage otherwise. 

Streaming Solutions

We are experts in live video production. With thousands of events sent to audiences worldwide, we get it done right.

Creative Work

Our broadcast team is capable of providing a multicam production of any event or sport. Let's make your event global.

Streaming Consulting

If you already have a marketing team, but you're looking for someone to help them start streaming, we do that.

Advertising with Schray Media

Schray Media offers a variety of advertising and sponsorship packages, focusing primarily on in-game advertising opportunities, including 30 and 60-second ad rolls. Advertisers can also become presenting sponsors of entire games or specific segments like pre-game, halftime, and post-game shows on any of our regional sports networks. These sponsorships are baked into the archived broadcasts, and will be available indefinitely on these platforms. 

These opportunities provide an engaging way to reach new markets and are particularly effective for brands looking to establish a presence in local athletics, offering high visibility among our engaged and targeted audience.

Around the Appalachian on the Southeast Sports Network | 5-21-24

Schray Media, along with the Southeast Sports Network, is a recognized leader in sports media. We are the top choice for advertising among businesses looking to connect with a sports-loving audience, making us the premier platform for regional sports advertising.

Thank you for considering Schray Media and the Southeast Sports Network. For more details or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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