Chattanooga FC Launches Radio Coverage Network For Inaugural MLS NEXT Pro Season

In a significant move for its inaugural season in the MLS NEXT Pro, Chattanooga FC has announced a new partnership that will bring their matches to the airwaves, offering fans an exciting and free option to follow the team’s progress. This development comes as the team aims to broaden its reach and accessibility to supporters, providing an alternative to the exclusive streaming coverage on Apple TV.

The new initiative, dubbed the Chattanooga Kickoff Network, marks a pivotal moment for the club as it ventures into the 2024 season with heightened ambitions and a growing fanbase. Gabriel Schray, a seasoned broadcaster with a deep passion for soccer, has been named the voice of the Chattanooga Kickoff Network. Schray’s expertise and enthusiasm for the game are expected to add a dynamic layer to the fan experience, bringing the excitement of Chattanooga FC’s matches to listeners wherever they are.

The introduction of radio coverage by Chattanooga FC is not just a nod to traditional sports broadcasting but also a strategic move to ensure that all fans, regardless of their access to streaming platforms, can participate in the team’s journey through the MLS NEXT Pro. This decision underscores the club’s commitment to inclusivity and community engagement, principles that have been foundational to Chattanooga FC’s identity since its inception.

The Chattanooga Kickoff Network aims to not only provide live match coverage but also feature pre-game analysis, post-game discussions, and special segments, further enriching the fan experience and fostering a deeper connection between the club and its supporters.

As Chattanooga FC prepares for a landmark season, the launch of the Chattanooga Kickoff Network represents a strategic effort to embrace both modern and traditional forms of media, ensuring that the excitement of soccer is accessible to all. Fans can look forward to engaging and immersive coverage of Chattanooga FC’s journey in the MLS NEXT Pro, capturing the spirit and passion of soccer in Chattanooga.

About Chattanooga FC

Chattanooga Football Club is a pioneering soccer team that has become a flagship for soccer in the southeastern United States. Founded in 2009, the club has been at the forefront of developing the sport at the grassroots level and has a passionate fanbase. In 2024, Chattanooga FC embarks on its first season in MLS NEXT Pro, looking to continue its tradition of competitive play and community engagement.


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